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The World's Smallest Dual Output LNBF

The GEOSATpro SL2 Bullet LNBF is the smallest two output Ku-band LNBF available in the world! GEOSATpro technicians incorporated the latest in microelectronic technology to design and produce this innovative high performance twin LNBF. Independent isolated outputs prevent interference between multiple receivers. The small bullet size housing will not compromise signal reception. CAD technology incorporates the scalar within the feedhorn for exceptional reception characteristics. You will not find a higher performance FSS LNBF anywhere. Provides higher Signal Quality and is more stable than any competitor product. 
  • Replaces a single output LNBF for installation support of 2 or more receivers
  • Watch different channels from the same satellite dish on 2 different receivers
  • Compatible with DVBS, FTA, MPEG, DCII and Analog satellite receivers
  • Stable frequency and low noise 0.4 NR for the very best reception in fringe signal areas
  • Twin F-type coax outputs for direct connection with 1 or 2 satellite boxes
  • Connect to a standard 3x4 multi-switch, 22KHz or DiSEqC type multi-switch for multiple receiver connections (3 or more receivers)
  • 40mm standard size FSS satellite dish LNBF mount
  • Allows 3 - 4 degree reception of multiple satellite dishes
  • Perfect for adding additional rooms for a Glorystar System
GEOSATpro SL2 Bullet LNBF in Hand GEOSATpro SL2 Bullet LNBF Mounted
Design and manufacturing agreements assure that the unique and high performance SL2 LNBFs are exclusively available through authorized GEOSATpro distributors. 

OEM manufacturing of a Standard type with LO 10750 or Universal type with LO 9750/10600 type is available to provide your company with branded distribution opportunities. Please contact Satellite AV to learn more about worldwide or regional distribution.

RF Input
I/P Frequency Range  11.7 ~ 12.75GHz 
IF Input  
L.O. Frequency 10.75GHz
O/P Frequency 950 ~ 2000MHz
L.O. Stability +/-3MHz (-40°C ~ +60°C) 
L.O. Phase Noise <-50 dBc @ 1KHz offset
<-80 dBc @ 10KHz offset
<-95 dBc @ 100KHz offset
Output 75 ohms F-female type connector
Conversion Performance@ 25°C  
Noise Figure  0.4dB (Typ)
Cross Polarization  25dB (Typ)
Image Rejection 40dB (Min)
Output VSWR 2.0:1
Conversion Gain 60dB (Typ)
Gain Flatness +/-0.5dB / 26 MHz, 8dB over each IF band
Output Spurious <-60dBm
Power Requirements    
Current Consumption  170mA (200 mA Max)
Operating Voltage  Vertical: 10.5 – 14.0 VDC 
Horizontal: 16.0 – 20.0 VDC
Working temp/humidity -30°C ~ +60°C  0 ~100%
Mount Diameter 40mm 
Length 5 inches  (12.5mm)
Weight 4.1 ounces  (116.2 grams)


GEOSATpro has partnered with reknown switch manufacturer Ecoda to produce reliable multi-switches for all other switches to be measured against.

This switch does not require a power supply and operates from the LNB power supplied by the satellite receiver.

Installation Examples:

Two Receivers Connected to Receive a Single Satellite 

1 Dual Output LNBF

Two Room Satellite Dish Connection Diagram

Three or Four Receivers Connected to Receive a Single Satellite 

1 Dual Output LNBF and a 3x4 Multi-Switch

Multiple Room Satellite Dish Connection Diagram with a 3x4 multi-switch

Three or Four Receivers Connected to Receive Two Satellites

2 Dual Output LNBFs and a 22KHz 4x4 Multi-Switch

Multiple Room Satellite Dish Connection Diagram with 22KHZ 4x4 multi-switch

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